Week |3| Overwhelmed to Breakthrough

What a week!  I was overwhelmed after 1 1/2 weeks of being so scheduled from morning to night.  My scheduled days left little time for myself, much less taking care of my home and family.  When I thought I had let so many people down, especially myself, I was actually growing!  I was aware my old blueprint was at work {growth!}  I gained better clarity of my Definite Major Purpose {growth!}  I clarified my business goal {growth!}  I am committed to something bigger than myself, so I move forward and wake up to each new day with hope to do my best.


Week |2| Now Even MORE Confused

We have been tasked to revise our Definite Major Purpose.  My first draft  revolved around being a mom, keeping a clean and organized home, and feeding my family healthy food.  As I worked on my revision, I was getting frustrated because it was kind of sounding like a vision of how I want things to be, but it wasn’t inspiring to me.  It felt like a glorified wish list for how I want my life to be, focusing on my day to day responsibilities.  I don’t think my DMP is supposed to be a list of what I need to do accomplish each day because I am a wife and mom.  My guide advised to create a blueprint to construct the life I desire.  I’m not sure that I need to go back to the drawing board, so perhaps a good SIT will help.

Week |1|

Here we go…my first blog post.  Where it will end up and who will see it is a mystery, however I am excited to see where I will be in 6 months.  This is week |1| of my self discovery course.  I am doing a fair amount of reading, which I love to do anyway.  I sat still.  For 15 minutes.  I wondered how I was going to do that and my old blueprint kicked in right away when I said, I will probably only make it 7 minutes.  I made it all 15 and the time flew by!  I was shocked and pleased with myself.  That accomplishment helped me realize I AM kicking my old blueprint to the curb.  Among reading and reflecting while sitting still, I wrote a DMP.  (There are so many acronyms in the world.)  Definite Major Purpose.  The first draft was rough and it is supposed to be.  I have been wondering about my purpose for years now, but hadn’t found the vehicle to figure it out.  Tell me, do you wonder about your purpose?  Let’s say your financial situation was taken care of, then what?  What would you do?  Your house is clean, the fridge is stocked, the laundry is done, the yard is beautiful, basically you have TIME, then what?  What would you do?  Ponder that and we will connect again.